Branding – it’s a vital element of any business, but logo design and branding are not interchangeable.

They do complement each other but they are not the same thing. You should not just settle for a logo and overlook the potential of what a brand can accomplish for your business.

What is a logo?

A logo is about identity, something that is instantly recognisable and associated with a product, service or company. It is only one element of your businesses brand identity. Your logo is not your brand, it is simply a symbol that represents your brand.

What is a brand?

A brand elicits an emotional response, it is the sum total of all the engagement a person has had with your company. While a logo is just a mark, a brand includes every single point of contact a person has had with your business.

Why you need a brand.

Tells a story

A logo is just a visual cue, the experiences that you recall when you see that logo is branding. Your brand includes many elements that are each individually important and come together to create something memorable for your customers.

Brands are complex and logos aren’t, developing and maintaining your brand is the key to having a successful business.

Adds meaning to your logo

When a logo is first drawn up it has no meaning, the meaning takes time to be attached the symbol.

When the Nike swoosh was first designed by a college student in the 1960’s it had no meaning, it was only after years of extensive marketing that the meaning we attach to it today was established.

Creating a strategy

Your brand will include your strategy, your products and the story they tell. If you don’t know your company’s aims and how they are going to achieve them, then no matter how fancy your logo, that is how your brand is remembered.

It takes a great understanding of you product, the market you compete in, and your customers to develop a brand that sticks in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Customer service

Your brand also includes your customer service. If you don’t respond to clients, or your employees seem disinterested when customer are trying to engage with them this reflects badly on your brand.

Constant and consistent communications with your customers is necessary to form a brand, you must connect with your consumers on an emotional as well as a logical and intellectual level.

Credibility and reputation

Creating a brand show that you are an established company it helps you appear professional, increasing your credibility and builds trust with customers. A lot of customers look for well-defined companies to do business with. The ‘look and feel’ (branding) of a business often has an impact on the decision to make a purchase, having a brand will help your business attract more clients.


Whether you’re a start up, small business, or large company having great branding makes a massive impact on how successful your business can be. DeType have worked with a range of clients to create a number of successful brands. If you need help creating a new brand or re-branding your established business get in touch with a member of our team today.