A logo is the face of your business, it reflect who your business is, its values, principles. Therefore, it is a very powerful marketing tool.

Logos can convey your company’s message better than any text

Many studies have taken place to show customers are more responsive to images than text. You can recall a complex image more easily than you can a long sentence. Because of this, a logo is the most effective way of communicating your company’s message.

According to designer Jacob Cass, there are five characteristics that make an effective logo. It should be simple, memorable, versatile, appropriate and timeless. To incorporate all of these things you need a skilled designer who understands your business.

Logos create brand recognition

From McDonalds to Apple the worlds leading companies put a lot of thought into their logos. You instantly recognise top brands without needing to see their name. If I talk about the ‘swoosh’ of a sports brand you’ve instantly thought of Nike. This type of recognition is what all businesses strive for when creating a brand.

Your logo will solidify your customers loyalty establishing your reputation. As customers become more familiar with it they will stick with it, knowing they get the same great service every time they see it.

Your logo will make you stand out from the crowd

With the vast number of companies out there, consumers view hundreds of logos every day. It’s therefore necessary for your logo to have meaning and convey a message that it makes an impression on these who see it. Your logo must incorporate all of the feelings and elements of your brand’s image and convey them in something that may only be viewed for a second.

Your logo should stay with your company for life

Often, a good logo gains meaning and power over time, it will likely stick to your brand forever which is why its important to think through your choice. That said, there are many logos that have moved with the times but have retained their core structure.

Hopefully, your company will only need 1 logo that it will stick with the duration. Taking the time to really think through what your company needs and incorporating it into a great design means you wont look at your logo a few years down the line with a feeling of regret.

A bad logo will have a negative effect on your company

A logo is a key visual representation of what your business stands for and it is vital that it conveys the right message. A poorly thought out logo can have a negative effect on the image and reputation of your company.

Logo design can go disastrously wrong, in 2010 the clothes retailer GAP introduced a new logo but scrapped it after just a week due to the outcry of its fans. Over 20,000 comments were left on the company’s social media page demanding the return of their traditional logo. Consumers become attached to brands and are not always open to change, you should never design a logo without your customers in mind.

It’s important that your logo is done well, by someone who understands your business – contact one of our team today to have a chat about the type of logo we could design to fit your businesses needs.