Sam Sayer is joined by Al Tepper from TepFu, to continue discussing The Top 10 Marketing Lies small business owners are told!


0:37- Overview of the previous Marketing Lies.

1:44- The importance of not expecting audience response based on niceness alone.

2:59- The impact on personal relationships of business success.

4:11- Setting boundaries in business relationships.

6:15- How to engage with Al Tepper.


Sam Sayer 0:06

Hi Al, how’s it going mate?

Al Tepper 0:08

Really well. Suns shining, no complaints from me.

Sam Sayer 0:12

Absolutely. Yeah, hey, with solar panels we need this right?

Al Tepper 0:16

Absolutely, absolutely, definitely.

Sam Sayer 0:12

It’s nice. So yeah, thanks for the last well it was, it was point two, wasn’t it on our marketing lies you’re told. So we’re on to point three. What can you tell us Al.

Al Tepper 0:37

Well, that’s the moment where it all starts to get real because the first two are easy, really, if you think about it, I mean, you know, it kind of generics. And of course, let’s remind ourselves of the first two. The first one was if you build it, they will come we know that’s not true. Sadly, the second of course, if you if you launch it, they’ll support you. And the third one starts to cut a bit deeper.

The third marketing lie we’re told is that everyone loves you, you’re a really lovely fella, people will support you. So it’s not just, it’s not just your family letting you down now, it’s everyone. And the reason why this happens, it’s not personal. It never is. It never is ever, ever. And one should never take it personally. But everyone does love you. But the reality is, nobody makes business decisions on that basis. So people aren’t going to flock around you because it suits you. In the same way that happens at the family level, if you launch it they’d support you, that’s a lie too.

The reality is, yes, people love you, maybe the nicest human being in the world. But that doesn’t give you the right to expect them to respond to your marketing. And the minute you feel you have an expectation. You’re wrong. Yeah, 100% of the time, because you we have no right to expect anything out of an audience. It’s our duty to give them what they want. And hopefully we can transact something in return some data, maybe they sign up for something or download something, maybe call us or whatever comes to an event. But the reality is, sadly, you may be loved. But you’re not going to grow your business, just because everybody loves you, it will help. Because people might share your content because they love you a bit more. But the reality is, you can’t have the expectation. So even if you’re the nicest person in the world, don’t have the expectation and the proof, Sam, the proof and guts, everybody is we all know somebody in our industry that competes with us that takes lunch off of our table. And they are not nice people and they don’t deserve the business. How dare customers go to them? How dare customers choose them? And how slighted we feel. When somebody says I’m sorry, I’ve gone with someone else. What do you mean, but I’m the best? I’m the nicest. We just can’t take it personally.

Sam Sayer 2:59

I think a lot of it is I feel with any kind of trend like that. It’s like a safe, right, there’s a number of combinations that will go up the line for it to happen. Right? Yeah. And you know, if people are familiar with the dial I think you call it on a safe, then, of course going to pick that one to go for right. So, you know, I guess it’s yeah, if you’re in people’s mind, if they like you, then that’s all going to add to the acquisition.

Al Tepper 3:25

Yeah, you’re definitely more likely to serve people who like you than not. But that when we start a business, we rely on our networks, our first level of network, which is lie two, you know, if you launch it, they’ll support you. Our first level on our network is family, friends and family, the third level start to go on to friends and acquaintances. And so if they love you, it’s going to help with the transition. But if you’re a horrible person, you can still run a business, and you can still succeed, there are plenty of horrible people in business. So love has got a lot to do with it. Sadly.

Sam Sayer 4:00

Not everyone’s gonna love what you do either. So and that’s fine.

Al Tepper 4:03

No, no, everyone’s not everyone’s gonna like you not we’re gonna want to work with you. You know, there’s 1000 variables in play here. And I’ve taken it personally in the past, I remember the time somebody said no to me, and I said, Well, who did you choose? And they told me they have chosen some random, and I’ve known this person for 12 years. And I said to him, why would you give your money to somebody you don’t know? And rightly so. The person came back and said, what I do with my money has nothing to do with anyone else. And they were right. It’s not my question. It’s not my right to question or challenge. It’s a lesson, it’s a mistake you make once in your life and hopefully you learn

Sam Sayer 4:43

I think certainly, it’s more than suppose it’s in any industry really. People who are close to you can’t, don’t always expect a favour but kind of ask things that was always a bit tricky and the best projects I’ve done some good friends of mine, Open Day brewery in Margate designer, check it out. And it’s like, right? What’s your face? What’s this? It’s all proper business. And guess what, we all are all happy with results. Everything was paid. Everything’s happy. You know, if you try and do something a discount or try, ‘oh look you’re my mate i’ll sort you out’. It doesn’t work.

Al Tepper 5:16

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. It’s all about those boundaries. And if you’ve got a taker who’s a mate, I mean, it can be it can be crippling, it can kill your relationship for a start, nevermind lead to a terrible engagement. And I’ve had that I remember a long time ago, probably 2002 or three, I offered a I set a friend, you know, at the time I could build, I could build a website is way back in the mid 90s. That’s what I started doing. And somebody said, I need a site. And I said, I’ll do it if you’re trying to help them. And of course, it went horribly wrong. Because I didn’t stick to my process rules of engagement. I didn’t establish boundaries. So actually, when people do love you, it can be very counterproductive as well. So you’ve got to be cautious about the role. That’s number three. Awesome. Number four, when you when we get to it is a real is a real humdinger, actually, because this is one I think most people fall on.

Sam Sayer 6:15

Awesome. Okay, how can people find you? I’ve joined your laser market Academy, I’ve got tonnes of tonnes of really, really good insight from there. What’s the best approach? How can people engage with you?

Al Tepper 6:26

It depends when this is gonna go out, I guess, because we’re about to launch a brand new landing page for the lazy marketing Academy. So when will this go out? This could be the first revealof the new domains.

Sam Sayer 6:40

The end of June.

Al Tepper 6:42

End of June. Okay. So for now, the best thing for them to do? Will it be ready the end of June? No, that’s going to be to. Best thing to do. Best thing to do is go to Google type in our Tapper and hit my LinkedIn. Find me on LinkedIn is the best way. The next podcast if I’m on another one would probably be the reveal.

Sam Sayer 7:05

Hey, there’s only one Al Tepper so you should find him on Google.

Al Tepper 7:08

I’m very grateful. Very grateful. I have a name. I have a name that makes me quite unique.

Sam Sayer 7:13

So there’s one last thing Al, what’s your favourite movie?

Al Tepper 7:19

Ooo interstellar.

Sam Sayer 7:21

Oh mate, I’ve got a story about that. I’ll tell you another time. But yeah, that is mine as well. That is very spooky, but awesome. Yeah. Wicked. Thanks. I’ll catch you next time. All right.