Continuing our DeBrief series with Al Tepper, discussing the Top 10 Marketing Lies small business owners are told.



0:16- Recap of previous Marketing Lies.

0:33- Marketing and Sales misconception.

1:57- The importance of customer experience in marketing.

3:28- Marketing strategies and brand consistency, particularly in terms of branding and messaging.

3:57- Transparency in marketing… ‘we are different’

5:37- The Lazy Marketing Academy.


Sam Sayer 0:06

Hey Al, How’s it going mate?

Al Tepper 0:09

It’s brilliant. Another sunny day, sun is stretching out in front of us Fantastic.

Sam Sayer 0:15

Yeah, man. It’s what it’s all about.

So last time we covered ‘people love you’ marketing. But do they? What does it mean and why? So that was part three of marketing lies for top small business, or any business. So let’s go on to point four, which we alluded to last time.

Al Tepper 0:33

So point four is a stingy one, because everybody thinks everyone has a view of themselves. And I hear this, I don’t hear this all the time. But I see the evidence of this. And that is that most business owners are quite glib about sales and marketing. And actually, actually, let’s reverse it. They’re quite glib about marketing and sales, because that’s the right order because sales comes after marketing. And the best salespeople in the world will admit that sales is a subset of marketing. Actually, if you get your marketing, right, actually, the sales process is easier. And if you have to make your sales process really complex and long, there’s probably something wrong with your marketing.

But the reason why this is a problem is because most people don’t understand marketing and sales, they don’t understand it fully. So they think it’s easy. We’ll just we’ll just wing it, well, we’ll just sell or we’ll market by doing basic things that we think we know.

So for example, I was talking to someone about this yesterday, what most people do, isn’t marketing, its sales, its pre sales.

Real Marketing is about the customer journey, and informing people in different phases on that journey. And so most people don’t in business don’t understand that. So they just think marketing and sales is easy. So we’re winging it. But the problem is with 10s of 1000s of marketing messages hitting us each day. And it really is 10,000 marketing messages a day. The reality is that it takes a minimum of 17 to 25 touch points around to their brain. Yeah. So one things out, sadly, isn’t easy, but it isn’t rocket science either. But you need to put yourself around good people who are going to steer you in the right path. So be careful when you’re selecting the advisors that you put around you. You really don’t compromise on experience. There is no substitute for experience. Forget, price is irrelevant. Yeah, because you get it cheap. The cost of doing it wrong. Could be staggering.

Sam Sayer 2:32

Yeah. And you know what, I think this is a nice switch back to point three, do people love you. Well, that’s important. Do you love your customer? Do you nurture them? Yeah, do you? Do you show care in willing them back? Right. I think that’s that’s really key in something. You know. CX, you know, we talked about user experiences UX. Yeah. The X? Well, it’s all customer experience, right? It’s absolutely, that’s the thing, right? Yeah. I mean, you call a user, with customers where, you know, right?

Al Tepper 2:59

Well ‘users’ is a horrible word, and even customer, you know, at the end of the day, they’re people with a life, they’ve got a problem. And hopefully, we can help them solve the problem. And the best way to demonstrate to them, that we are expert, and that we care is through our marketing. Actually, that’s the whole point of marketing, because it shows people how much we’re investing into the process to win their business. You know, nobody likes to be sold too quickly. Because it cheapens everything. That’s what I’m talking about. You’ve got to go in the opposite direction that you’re going to make everything more value laden, not less.

Sam Sayer 3:34

Absolutely. Do you know what, there’s there’s a couple of points I want to run through. So I remember when orange telecom brand was launched, many well back in the day now. And it was really different for it’s time, there was no word it just orange squares, and it got everyone talking. And of course, the real one is everyone knows and a lot of check out they’ve done something different, right? So there’s, you know, do something different is, it’s a real cliche I find in marketing, oh, we do things differently. You don’t tell people the things, you actually you either do things differently, and it’s transparent what you’re doing. If you’re telling you do things differently, you’re not just saying.

Al Tepper 4:13

Well, that’s part of the problem. It’s not about what you say, it’s about what you do. 100% It’s really easy. Talk is cheap, it’s really easy to do anything in words. But can you follow up with behaviour and action?

Sam Sayer 4:26

Definitely. And I think consistency as well, you know, somebody is running off touchpoints that’s a lot, right. So that’s a lot of pieces of content, but social media and newsletters and that consistency is key, right?

Al Tepper 4:36

Absolutely. You have to stay consistent across that. And that’s where the complexity of marketing really comes in. Because having brand guidelines, having a brand Bible, having a content strategy, sticking to your lanes, you know, and getting proactive so you can get ahead of delivery so that things don’t get missed so that mistakes don’t get made. This is where this is where people get lost in Marketing. Marketing isn’t just banging a message on Facebook. No one’s gonna notice marketing is long, it’s a period of activity over a period of time.

Sam Sayer 5:13

Yeah, absolutely. Excellent. Al, so much last time. I’m part of the Lazy Marketing Academy, which I’ve just found immensely useful. What can you tell us? What’s new in that world of Al Tepper?

Al Tepper 5:27

Well, when is this? When is this episode airing? Let me let’s work this out. Because it’s probably going to be in July, I would imagine.

Sam Sayer 5:35

Yeah, it’ll be the middle of July.

Al Tepper 5:37

Perfect. Well, let’s go for it, I’m going to take a risk. And on this recording, I’m going to launch it, this is the first time I’m mentioning it.

So this marketing Academy is going up to level two as part of that. It currently to get into lazy marketing Academy, we have to have a chat, and we have to talk. But I’m making the process even more streamlined because I don’t have the time to speak to everybody that wants to come into the academy. And so we’ve set up a really cool landing page for anybody that wants information on it. And even in the domain name, we’re being lazy. I couldn’t get lazy marketing.com Sam. So what does a lazy marketer do? Well, I got lazy marketing.com. But without the vowels, so if you spell lazy, so it’s L Z, Y, M, R K,T, and G.com. So if you go to lazy marketing without the vowels.com, you’ll learn everything about lazy marketing.

Sam Sayer 6:36

Awesome. Thanks. All right, question time. Um, this is off the back of a Facebook post a little while ago, you might not come in. Oh, what’s your favourite hairstyle?

Al Tepper 6:50

Well, most mostly shaven. But I did get rid of my goatee recently, but I bought it. It’s actually not a goatee. This is called a VanDyke. This is a goatee, this is a mustache put together it’s a VanDyke. I did get rid of it and change it and look at my face, but I like this. But I will tell you that back in the day in university, I had a big afro and I dyed it too. I really stood out.

Sam Sayer 7:15

Nice. Yeah, mate you got to use your hair when you’ve got it right. Mine’s a mullet. And I feel for a mullet, you’ve got to have the kind of fluff at the front end along with the back of that.

Al Tepper 7:26

Yeah, definitely.

Sam Sayer 7:28

There’s actually a phrase for it. I think it was an Australian phrase. Funnily enough. Fall at the top, long at the back. I think I might do one day.

Al Tepper 7:39

Mullets are coming back you heard it here first.

Sam Sayer 7:41

Yeah, love it. Awesome. Thanks Al. I’ll catch you next time. Alright.

Al Tepper 7:46