Businesses, including manufacturing companies, can establish a strong digital presence through websites. When potential customers visit, they expect answers – if your products can:
  • Solve their problem
  • Meet or surpass their expectations

You should be able to answer your visitors’ questions on your website Here are the best manufacturer web design strategies and techniques you can apply. 

Design the site for your target audience

The website design of your manufacturing business should appeal to your potential clients. This means it should target the persons who decide and are responsible for contacting you for their company. This will show that you take them seriously as:

  • Decision-makers
  • Potential clients

On the technical side, customers will prefer fast-loading sites. It is critical that your site loads within three seconds. If not, you risk losing potential sales and every second’s delay increases that chance. 

Engage your audience with powerful visual effects

Most of your customers would like to see:

  • What they are buying
  • How your products work
  • How it solves their problems

In addition, your manufacturing site should project a modern and trustworthy look. To achieve this end, you can use:

  • Light backgrounds
  • Texts in solid colour
  • An engaging logo
  • Coordinated colours
  • High-quality images

Colours are essential to your manufacturing websites since they can stimulate emotions from your visitors. For instance:

  • Blue can reinforce trust and authority in your site
  • Black can mean exclusivity for many people
  • Red can draw the attention of readers to your products

Designers can use these three colours to design your pages to:

  • Target your target market
  • Guide website visitors
  • Convert visitors into leads and customers

You can share the images of your facilities and workers. Whilst a picture is worth a thousand words, yours should at least reflect your company values, such as:

  • Happy staff
  • Efficient production process
  • Quality products
  • Satisfied customers

In addition, the right manufacturing web designer can make your product images and website reinforce the trust you have established with your customers.,  

Make use of negative spaces

In web design, negative spaces are a positive quality. The white spaces allow you to break up the text on your web page, making it easier to read or scan. This can keep your readers staying longer and more engaged. 

The website must follow a clear page hierarchy

You may make complicated products, but your website navigation should not be. If possible, you can limit your navigation menu to the following sections.

  • Home
  • Products
  • About Us
  • News
  • Contact Us

You can also use helpful navigation elements, such as links and sitemaps. As a rule of thumb, your site’s navigation is okay if it can do the following operations:

  • You can return from the previous page
  • You can go to the page you want to visit
  • You can go to the homepage

If your site cannot make or any of all these actions, then you need to have it fix to avoid losing customers and sales. 

Use simple but strong CTAs to tell the web visitors what to do 

It is essential that every page in your manufacturing site have a call-to-action (CTA) to increase your chances of customer conversion.

Your readers should easily notice the CTA, and you can do that by using:

  • Warm colours (for example – yellow, red, orange)
  • Simple buttons
  • Encouraging words

This will increase your chances of converting visitors into leads or customers.

You can only strengthen your CTAs by making the customers’ decision-making processes easier. 

This means your page will only require a few clicks from the user. The web design should direct the visitor to the following pages or sections:

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Call-to-action

In addition, you can also use the CTA to tell your visitors what to do. By using 3 to 5 words, you can direct your visitors to:

  • Download a report or file
  • Obtain a guide
  • Read more of your content

Designers often conduct A/B tests to see which CTAs are attractive to readers. For instance, would they prefer a red or blue button? 

Create content that will appeal to multiple buyers

It is normal for companies to have a committee of stakeholders who will vet and recommend what products to purchase. Your web content should understand their various perspective and provide them with answers. For instance:

  • An engineer will require the product’s specifications and capabilities.
  • A facility manager will ask how many floor space and energy use your product will require.
  • An accountant or finance person will want to your product’s ROI.

If you have several visitors from a single company, you can provide them with the content they need by providing them with:

  • Case studies
  • FAQs
  • ROI calculators

Use SEO to increase your online traffic

Search engine optimisation enables you to find and use the right keyword for your manufacturing website. SEO experts monitor Google’s algorithms to find the following: 

  • Focus keywords
  • Technical errors in your website
  • Relevant and useful content 
  • How to grow your off-site authority

Most of your customers will likely use “long-tail” keywords – longer and more specific phrases. Long-tails may have lower search traffic but are often used by more motivated users – resulting in higher conversions.


Manufacturing companies need websites to attract customers online. However, these potential buyers may have certain expectations from you. You also need to show them that your site is attractive and trustworthy. This is where you will need exceptional web design ranging from powerful visual effects to optimised content.