Not too long ago social media was thought to be a fad, something that would pass with time, that young people used but businesses would gain nothing from. Over time these people have been proved wrong. These platforms continue to grow. There are now over 2.34 billion users worldwide (in 2016), these platforms offer business a unique an valuable way to connect with customers.

Social media platforms continue to grow

Social media is the fastest growing area of the internet and has been since it emerged. The number of users rose by 176 million last year alone. We live in a time where 40% of people spend more time socialising online than they do face to face.

More and more people continue to flock to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and twitter. Therefore, you will find that more of your audience will be found there. Being present on these sites gives you an opportunity to be in front of your audience on a regular basis in a more casual manner.

Staying relevant

Over 90% of brands now use one or more social media platforms. Being active on these platforms gives your company a way to communicate in a more social manner. Customers prefer dealing with people over corporations. Social media gives your company a personal voice helping you build a relationship with your customers.

These platforms are so integrated into modern life and will only continue to grow, so by not being active on at least one you may make your company appear outdated or behind the times.

Customer Service

Dialogue provided by social media to your customers is something that traditional forms of advertising cannot achieve.

Real-time communication (like what you get on Facebook, Twitter etc) helps to build relationships with customers. In turn, this gives them a more positive view of your company. Customers then have motivation to recommend your business to friends and family.

Brand Loyalty

When you have an active presence on social media you make it easy for your customers to connect with you. This increases loyalty and retention. It is estimated that around 53% of people who follow brands on social media stay loyal to those brands.


You can respond to problems as they happen. Being able to listen and deal with customer complaints in a fast manner builds your reputation. Customers appreciate when a business responds to their issues.

People don’t like dealing with companies they have never heard of. Gaining likes/followers and other forms of engagement you acquire social proof. Because other people show they like your company new customers will come to you already having trust that you can provide the product or service they require.

Your social media presence allows you to build your brand identity and establish its personality. You are not able to do this as effectively with other forms of marketing.

Drives referral web traffic

Being active on social media will increase the traffic to your site. By successfully getting users to engage with your content there will consequently be more people clicking referral links to your website.

SEO (search engine optimisation)

Social media is having an increasing effect on sites search engine rankings. Your brand being mentioned on social media shows that your have valuable and relevant content worth sharing, this indicated to Google (and other search engines) that your site is an authority on your product or service, boosting your ranking in search results and leading to more traffic coming to your site.

Targeted Ads

Social media advertising (like that available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) is a low cost way to promote your business. These options also offer insightful targeting so you reach a receptive audience. You can target based on a variety of options from location and gender, to interests and behaviours; as a result, you know your ads are reaching the audience you want, something you can’t get with other forms of paid advertising.

Lead generation

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can generate real leads for your business consequently increasing sales with a small price tag.

Monitoring the competition

Gain key insights about your competitors, allowing you to make strategic decision so your business stays ahead. By developing a clear understanding of your competition, your marketplace will become easier to navigate.

The evolution of social media is revolutionising market strategies, if you incorporate it into your business you will likely start gaining revenue. It can seem like a daunting task, stepping into the world of social media, if you need a hand we offer a range of packages to suit all needs and budgets. Call us today to discuss.

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