Marketing is essential for any business, you have to do it. But, even though you know you need it you still want to get the best value you can. It’s likely if you start using paid Facebook ads they will start generating more leads for you than any other paid channel and you have the control to set your budget.

How do you create brand awareness with Facebook?

With 2 billion active monthly users Facebook is probably the best way to reach the largest audience.

People don’t make purchases from a brand they don’t know. Facebook’s advertising can give you a cheap way to introduce your brand to potential customers in a way that doesn’t make them feel that you are just trying to make a sale.

With brand awareness campaigns you can build a relationship with your audience and when they do decide they want to make a purchase your brand will be at the forefront of their mind.

Credibility and social proof

According to some of Google’s research, B2B buyers have increased the amount of research they do by 91% year after year. You can expect this to stay true for the years to come as well.

Having Facebook ads that have a lot of engagement (like, shares, comments) will show anyone research you product that people think your brand has value and could be the tipping point in their decision to make a purchase.

How do you target specific audiences online?

With most forms of advertising you don’t have a massive amount of control over who is seeing your ads.

Facebook allows you to target your ads through a number of criteria such as age, gender, location, job title, interests and many more. This is a powerful tool to have and means your budget is spent getting your company’s message to the right people.

What’s the cost of Facebook marketing?

Advertising through social media platforms, especially Facebook can give you a better ROI than other online advertising.

Facebook allows you to set your budget per day and chose how much you want to pay per click or impressions (depending on the type of ad you are running) so you have a massive amount of control.

When considering what marketing strategies to use for your business you want something that is effective, shows results but also doesn’t break the bank.

Its also worth considering ongoing customer engagement with your Facebook page.

We offer several plans that help with this, from replying to messages to researching and posting content regularly helping keep your page relevant and active. Get in touch to find out more.