It’s a well-known saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, so that must mean that a video is worth at least a million words. The power of video is vast and here is why you should be using videos on your website and throughout your marketing strategy, as well as a few different types of videos you could include!

5 Benefits of Using Video 

  • Increased Engagement

This can be viewed as quite a broad and vague benefit, but how does video increase engagement? Video combines visual and auditory elements, which provides a multisensory experience for viewers. This integrated with emotional impact, information efficiency, personal connection, and entertainment value, evokes an emotional response in the viewer which encourages engagement whether that’s liking, commenting on, or sharing a post. 

  • Improved SEO

Search engines often prioritise websites that have multimedia content, such as videos. It is a common misconception that text is the only thing that can be optimised! However, you can also optimise your videos to include relevant keywords, terms, and content to improve your website’s visibility on search engine results pages. 

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness

Videos are a great way of showcasing your brand’s personalities, values, and unique selling points creatively and engagingly. By showcasing your environment and people in your team, you can become more memorable. This ultimately helps to establish a stronger connection with your audience, consequently also helping you to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

  • Greater Reach

It’s very well known that most online activity now happens on mobile devices. Social media and video platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok give you the potential to reach a wider audience than just simple text or other forms of content. These platforms allow you to easily share user-generated content too. Collaborations with like-minded individuals in your industry or clients and influencers can also extend your reach further. 

  • Better conversion rates

Video content can be highly influential and lead to increased conversions. Whether it’s a demonstration video highlighting how to use a product or service or client testimonials, videos can often convey information more effectively than text alone and therefore they can help to convince potential customers to take action. 

Different ways of using video content 

There are endless ways to utilise video content not only for your website but also on your social media channels. Here are some examples: 

Product demonstration and tutorials

Most effective with a product, product demonstration, and tutorial videos can help potential customers understand the benefits and features of what you offer. This can be effective with clients in the consideration phase of the Marketing Funnel- Videos show information and therefore can reassure and convince customers this product or service is what they need. In terms of services, videos walking through the process of the service they are considering are a great way of highlighting the customer journey that the prospect will be going through, and addressing any doubts they might have. This is a great way of increasing conversions.

Customer testimonials 

Sharing video testimonials from valued and satisfied clients can build trust and credibility with your audience. The video format makes these testimonials authentic which can be highly persuasive in influencing purchasing decisions. 

Behind-the-scenes/ company introduction

Behind the scenes of, your business operations, office culture, and meetings give visitors to your website and social media a better understanding of your brand which fosters a sense of transparency. 

This along with videos introducing your company, its mission, values, and team members can help humanise your brand establishing a stronger connection with your audience. 

In terms of using social media here,  you can post short behind the scenes on your stories! Instagram also allows you to pin these videos to your profile in the highlights section. Again this is a great way of showcasing authenticity and transparency which prospects find very important.

FAQ’s and help videos

Videos addressing frequently asked questions or providing solutions to common issues relevant to your products or services can help reduce customer support inquiries and improve user experience. 

Live Q&A sessions

This is a great way of utilising video specifically on Social Media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. Live sessions where your audience can interact with you in real time allow you to address their questions and concerns directly. This emphasises a personal approach that can improve user experience. 

Announcements and updates

You have a new product or service that’s about the be launched,  a promotion, or just a company update. Videos encourage engagement and also tend to grab the attention of your audience so use video to announce these launches and updates to get the most out of your marketing efforts. 

There are so many different types of video content that you can incorporate into your social media and website marketing strategy! The range of content can effectively engage your audience, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately grow your business. Video doesn’t have to take too much time, work or stress! Simply just filming something on your phone is better than nothing.