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AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been in existence for some time. What is being hotly debated at the moment is how AI is being used as a tool in the world of copywriting. But let’s start with a simple explanation of what it is and how it works.

It’s using machines or algorithms to write copy. The content is created based on the information you upload but to create anything meaningful, you must have a clear brief. This is a set of parameters that describes the idea and enables content to be generated.

There is a range of AI software tools creating different types of copy. These include blogs, social media posts, product descriptions, landing pages and newsletters.

In effect, your copy is generated on demand, and what appeals to users is it’s done quickly, but this all sounds too good to be true. Does it mean the skill of a copywriter is no longer required – have we been replaced by machines?

In the words of the most recent advertisement for the British Army

“As the Army becomes more advanced, technology will help us do incredible things. But nothing can do what a soldier can do. The Army of the future still needs you.”

So, it’s probably fair to say, AI technology is here but the world will still need copywriters. Let’s explain what this means in a bit more detail and how AI can actually help.

 5 ways AI can make a copywriter’s job easier

  1. Speed up the process of writing content

Let’s face it, takes time to write a great piece of content. Once you’ve decided on the topic, it needs to be researched, structured, drafted and edited, then edited again.

It’s one of the reasons customers use a copywriter – because they don’t have the time. If AI can create a rough draft, then you already have the bare bones of a piece of content. It’s not the finished article but it’s a start.

  1. Reduce the amount of copy you need to write

Because AI can give you a ‘starter for 10’ you already have something to work with. It means you don’t necessarily have to write a lengthy long-form piece that will cover all your thoughts, which you then end up editing down to a finished, quality version.

  1. Help with writer’s block

It can happen to anyone. You’ve been given a topic and can’t think how to structure the content or decide on the theme of a piece.

AI can generate lots of ideas and different angles that will help with your thought process. Plenty to think about and a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

  1. Tackle the business-as-usual activities

There are just some tasks that need to be completed. Writing a suite of emails for segments of your customer base with a different offer for each. Maybe you have 100s of product descriptions to write for your website. For these types of activities, AI can help to produce slightly different variations of the same thing.

  1. Produce content in volume

Posting regularly on social media is the only way to be seen on this medium. But it relies on you doing this consistently and frequently. AI can help with generating this volume of content. It can create hooks, angles even posts that keep you visible.

Adding the value of a copywriter to AI content

Producing content using AI does make the copy formulaic. By this I mean it’s not written from a personal perspective – emotions are not something that is considered.

Content is generated based on patterns and information that is already published on the internet. It can lack a certain degree of subtlety, no perspective of the human touch. This means it needs to be sense-checked for readability before being published.

In contrast, producing fresh, original content is the art of a copywriter. The qualities of authenticity and context are an inherent part of writing good-quality copy.

Whilst AI will generate copy to order, a copywriter will join the dots for your brand. Be respectful of your tone of voice, using the language of your customers to develop and deepen relationships. Something AI would struggle to deliver.

The blending of AI with the art of copywriting

There are many tools available for copywriters to use and help them do their job. Headlines generators, SEO/keyword analytics, social media scheduling. None of these has replaced humans but they are used to help with specific areas of digital marketing.

If you embrace technology rather than view it as a threat, it can make your job easier. AI is just one of these tools and the real winners are those who take the traditional and successfully blend it with the new.

A copywriter will take the bare bones of AI copy and develop it to make it your own. It’s not just about sense checking what is being said but a reflection on your thoughts and way of doing business.

Using this technology and working out the best way to use it to help you deliver what you need has to be the way to go. For copywriters to survive, they need to adapt and understand the opportunities as they arise.

People don’t want to read dull, technical or awkward copy. They want to read the engaging, informative and original form of copy, which is the skill of a copywriter.

We’ll leave you with this cautionary tale – meet ‘Loab’:

NB: this copy has been created by a human, 100% based on our personal views and perspectives.

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