As a business owner there are many aspects of your work that you spend time addressing every day. A vital area that you may not be giving enough consideration to is design.

Graphic design plays a massive role in the success (or failure) of a business. So, what are the top reasons you need to spend more time thinking about and utilising good design?

Making a good first impression

The way your business presents itself has a massive affect on how potential customers perceive you.

Your company needs to build trust with customers by instilling them with confidence. If your designs are cheap and amateurish customers will think you are not serious about your business. People will believe your business is unsuccessful and won’t have faith that you can keep the promises you make about the goods or services you provide.

High quality graphic design gives a business credibility – and that’s priceless.


Graphic design expands to include a whole range of mediums that will help you communicate your messages and ideas to a larger audience.

Visuals often help to convey an idea when words cannot, people understand things more clearly with images than they do with text. The old adage ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ rings true here – when ideas are presented with relevant design it is made sense of by the viewer, allowing your message to be conveyed without confusion.

Brand recognition

Your company’s brand image expands to every aspect of your business. Potential customers judge your business in just a few seconds based on visuals alone.

Your brand needs to be instantly associated with with the exceptional goods or services that your business offers.  Excellent graphic design helps you to make that connection.

Employee performance

The designs you use can have an effect on the productivity of your workforce. Your employees, not just your customers need to have faith in your brand.

Your employees are constantly exposed to company branded items (letter heads, business cards, pens etc). They will need to be unified behind the designs you select for your business. Good design can build that sense of commitment.


Choosing cheap, unprofessional designs costs you more in the long run. You end up with badly designed graphics that cost a large sum to re-design and re-print, not to mention potential revenue could be lost if customers see them.

A good designer makes sure that everything is at an excellent standard first time. This in turn strengthening your business and gives you an edge in a competitive market.

Above all, good design generates customers (and therefore revenue) by your goods or services being portrayed in the most effective way possible encouraging customers to buy what is offered by your business.


Ignoring your businesses design needs will have a negative impact on its future, your customers and your employees. Professional graphic design has the ability to deliver measurable result for any business of any size. Improving it in every aspect and building stronger lasting relationships with your clients.

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