Jem Hills

Jem Hills is a former Special Forces, Inspirational Speaker and Elite Performance Coach, who focuses on company and personal development.

With his dynamic approach of using his former knowledge to inspire and help people, Jem needed a website that could portray what he could provide for his clients, as well as showcasing the feeling of what it would be like after they had worked with him.


Web design, Web development


The challenge:

A website build is a personal process. With his former special forces experience, Jem had high standards for his website, for it would be his shop window to stand out from the crowd and showcase how he can support organisations and individuals to achieve the success they want.

Sam and his team were really good at explaining every step of the process and provided confidence throughout the development.
Jem Hills Elite Performance Coach

The results:

There’s elite, and then there’s ‘Jem Hills elite’! From the initial planning stages through to the final outcome, the synergy ensured that every aspect of the project met the highest standards of excellence.  His new website now effectively showcases his expertise, how he can support organisations and it significantly enhances his online presence. 

The outcome was almost as ‘elite’ as Jem!

DeType provided me with the confidence from the onset that they would be able to plan, execute and deliver all the processes required to develop a brilliant website which I think they have achieved.

Jem Hills Elite Performance Coach

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