Every business small or large needs design, and therefore a designer. The better the designed your business collateral, the greater the impact they will have on your business.


The relationship between yourself and your designer will be crucial to ensuring you get the top level of work that matches your vision (and boosts your income by reducing costs with revisions!).



Having an open dialogue is vital. Creating a design project is never as simple as ‘Here are your instructions,’ ‘Here’s your piece of work.’ Questions will always need to be asked – Who’s the audience? What’s your objective? Will this idea resonate with our clients? If not, how can we improve upon it? Being available to communicate is important.

You are important to the design process and your input will be helpful in making sure the project is a success and hits the mark.


Try not to be vague

Try to explain what you want in a clear brief, designers are not mind readers. If you are vague you may end up with a first draft that is nothing like what you imagined, meaning we need to start all over and have wasted some valuable time.

Although we never allow a time constraint or difficulty to stop us creating the best design for you, by knowing what is wanted from the get-go, we are able to manage our time better and ensure you get the project you wanted by your deadline.


Give specific and useful feedback

Feedback is an important part of the design process. It gives us a chance to check in with you and make sure the project is on the right track, or make adjustments if not.

When giving feedback try to use specific instructions that cannot be misinterpreted. Saying things like ‘make it pop’ or ‘it’s too bland’ make it difficult for us to understand exactly what needs to be changed. Try referring to specific parts of the design, like fonts, colours or imagery.


Learn some basic terminology

We don’t expect you to know lots of technical terms and we try not to speak to you with terms and phrases you don’t understand. But by learning some basic terminology it will avoid confusion with feedback and ensure that you aren’t asking for something you don’t want.


Recognise our expertise

Design is what we do and often it’s no small task. The more you trust us the better the final results will be.

Trust that we have your best interests in mind and that our designs are thought through. It’s our job to help make you look good, we have years of training and experience in what works and what doesn’t.

If you are confused about why we have done something, just ask. We will have done it for a reason and we will probably be able to explain it in such a way that you then agree with our choice.


You get what you pay for

Design is a service are like any other, inexpensive designs will likely be inferior. Yes, there are super cheap design services out there but a $5 logo from a freelancer on Fiverr will not have the same impact on your business as professional, well thought out and substantiated design.

With a professional service, you are paying for the time and expertise that goes into your designs. It’s not about getting as many jobs done as quickly as possible. It’s about getting them right and being able to show measurable results.


We understand that working with a designer can be frustrating sometimes (for both sides) but it doesn’t have to be. With open communication and a clear vision, a stress-free design process can take place that produces excellent work.