Your branding, local presence, and property marketing are key to growing your property share in your local market. The anchor to all of this is your brand, your message & your website – you must get this right to start winning more instructions.

Here are some tips on how you can ensure your website is ahead of the local competition. 

Your Website Design

This is crucial – everyone who considers you as a vendor will look at your website, if you look like all the other templated property websites, are hard to navigate, and don’t stand out – why would they choose you?

126% increase in UK estate agency website traffic, your customers will browse before contacting you

Your Website Content

Do you know about the local market, how long a property may take to sell, are your team positioned as experts? Do you offer valuation tools & mortgage calculators? What are the benefits of a Landlord using you? All of this info helps to build trust and demonstrate your expertise to your prospective audience.

Property Presentation

If your properties don’t pop and look the part, are you doing the most you can to help the vendor sell their property? If not, why would they choose you? Use integrations such as Loqate to give a richer listing, and link area guides in.

User Experience

First impressions last — if your website showcases your abilities and gives all the information required in a clear and concise why, and drives interaction, you have made a great first impression. Make the viewing / application process seamless and ensure you’re making the most of the data captured. 

83% of prospective house buyers are happy to book a viewing online

Website Speed

How often have you looked at a website and come off it because the pages don’t load quickly enough? Users want speed: if yours isn’t up to scratch, why would they contact you?

Showcase Feedback

There is nothing stronger than testimonials and reviews to drive credibility for your brand – positioning them in the right places drives the right contact for the right vendor with the right property.

DeType has specialised in property branding and websites for several years, we are proud Property Hive partners and have worked extensively in the proptech market. Our team has worked with Rightmove, Grand Designs, Angels Media (the team behind ValPal, Estate Agent Today, and more) and numerous PropTech leaders, and understand every agency is different, and that your brand and website should reflect who you are. 

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