When was the last time you sat down and reviewed your company’s brand? If it has been a while since your business started up your brand may not have kept pace with the growth and changes of your business, you may have started out with a small branding budget or gone with a DIY design that no longer fits your expanding business.

How can your company benefit from a rebrand?

  • Breathing new life into your business. A rebrand keeps your business fresh and up to date with the current market.
  • Attracting new customers.
  • Becoming more competitive. One of the primary goals of branding is to make your business stand out from the crowd, over the years your brand may have got lost in the sameness of your competition and a rebrand will give you a new competitive edge.
  • Keeping your company message clear. Sometimes the brand you created years ago no longer aligns with what your business is now trying to accomplish.

When do you need to rebrand?

  • If you’re a local business that’s expanding into a larger marketplace. Your audience will be growing and you will need to think about how you will appeal to them, a rebrand could be the ideal solution.
  • Your business could use a change. Maybe you’ve been established for a while but your brand has started to feel stale and you could use an update. Rebranding will work wonders to energise your successful but stagnant business.
  • Your business is merging with another business. A rebrand could be the best way to get your new combined business off on the right foot.
  • Your’e not attracting top employees. Simply put, the best talent wants to work with the best brands. If you’re not recruiting quality staff it could be because your brand seems mediocre. Don’t let your brand stop you from attracting top personnel.

Often one of the first signs that your business needs a rebrand is that a rebrand never even crossed your mind. You should always be proud to share your brand with clients and you should never have to give explanations or excuses for your branded materials such as business cards or websites.

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