The COVID-19 pandemic has generated mass panic and hysteria, and resulted in the loss of sales for many companies. Small business owners seem to be the most vulnerable. 

Entrepreneurs are painfully aware that running a business is a time-consuming activity. One of the problems with the current situation is that quarantines or restricted travel requirements are making it difficult for both employees and customers to visit shops. However, perhaps not everything is doom and gloom. This could be seen as a time to reflect and review your online marketing strategies. So although your business may be suffering at the moment, these tips may help you improve your website while you are waiting for sales to pick up.   

Review your SEO goals

SEO is a means of boosting your search engine ranking, thereby increasing your online traffic and sales. To achieve optimum results, you will need to use the correct keywords to attract your target audience. Unfortunately, SEO strategies often take time to work. Nevertheless, don’t let the present situation distract you from your main objective – to engage more visitors and convert them into customers. 

Improve your organic and local SEO 

Studies have shown that eight out of ten searchers only focus on organic search results. Therefore, you must make sure you allot sufficient time to driving up your organic traffic.

1. Add a GMB page

If you haven’t already added a Google My Business (GMB) page, now is the best time to do so. Studies have shown that more than half of GMB visitors are likely to convert into customers. You should also ensure that your GMB page is fully functional. 

2. Make your site mobile responsive

As people are universally reliant on their mobile devices, you need to ensure that your website is mobile-responsive and fast-loading. Anything else will leave you trailing behind your competitors.

3. Add location pages to your site

Location pages are the best way to inform people about the physical location of your store, especially if you have more than one site.    

Local SEO is now more critical than ever. The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to minimise their time outside their homes. As a result, it’s natural for them to search the nearest location to purchase their supplies and services. So, make sure that your website is ‘searchable’. 

For example, online shopping websites such as Amazon are enjoying a huge surge in demand. If you can increase your sales, you may even need to hire additional personnel to make deliveries to your local customers.   

Add some automation

You can provide a personalised customer experience on your website by adding some automation. There are tools available that can increase your online traffic and sales both during and after the pandemic. These include:

  • Chatbots – computer programs that can respond to a customer’s text and chat  
  • Email automation tools, such as Mailchimp – these platforms can send emails to customers using a form you embed on your website
  • Accounting and invoicing tools, such as Xero and QuickBooks

Add new content

From Google’s perspective, the most essential aspect of your online marketing campaign is your content. This helps you connect with your customers and gain their trust.  

You should review your current content to determine whether something needs to be changed or updated. For example, some of your blogs may be a little outdated so consider upgrading them. You may also need to modify some of your website design features in order to better promote your brand and company image. 

If your site does not have any blogs yet, you should consider adding some as they could significantly enhance your online ranking and sales.     

Offer assistance to your customers 

On the surface, business may seem down at the moment. However, as people are staying at home, digital traffic could be busier than ever. So, it is important to provide assistance to your customers by posting online announcements; for example, regarding adjusted operating hours or new developments in your business. Now is the time to directly address your customers’ concerns. 

Adapt your online marketing strategy to the situation

You could also generate business by launching creative promotions such as a ‘no-touch’ service policy. If you run a brick and mortar shop, you could offer:

  • A delivery service or plan
  • Discounts
  • An instalment plan

You should also use your website and social media platforms to ‘talk’ to your customers. Tell them that you are aware of their present situation due to the pandemic and offer a means by which they can continue doing business with you.

Remember, the first rule of digital marketing is to be flexible as this will enable your business to thrive in both good and bad times.  

Finish that website to-do list

If you are staying at home, you will have more time to complete your digital tasks, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Content planning  
  • Improving the site’s design

Staying at home could actually be the perfect opportunity to enhance your digital marketing presence … because you will have the time! Social separation is not necessarily a bad thing. Look at the positives – you can use your free time to improve your website.


The current COVID-19 crisis has forced people indoors, which has in turn resulted in a slump for many businesses. However, you can use the current situation to improve your website and attract more traffic and sales. Make use of your time to enhance your digital marketing campaign. Even if business is slow at the present moment, if you invest in a sound SEO strategy today, you will obtain a healthy dividend once this crisis is over.