The new version of WordPress, Tipton, is now available for download or update. The release comes with some interesting new features sure to make everyone life a little easier.

As with all software, keeping up to date is a good idea, not only do you usually get a better workflow but most importantly you get security updates, keeping your website safe.

What workflow improvements come with Tipton?

This WordPress update is yet another step to creating a more user-friendly way to create and manage websites

Scheduling and Drafting Design changes

Just as you can currently make changes and draft posts and pages, with the new update you can make changes to the design of your site, save it as a draft and review before it goes live.

With Shareable preview links, this means as a client it will now be easier for you to see and review design changes to your site before they are implemented, making feedback and collaboration a simpler process. These links also mean users who are not logged in can preview specific site changes, hugely useful if you have a large team who all want or need to view the changes before they go live.

Once you are happy with the draft you can now schedule a time for the changes to come into effect, want to publish them at a later date or specific time? No problem.

Version Locking

You are now able to lock your saved versions of work meaning the content you create will not be overridden and kept secure. If you have multiple people working on one piece of content or design this means person A will not override person B losing all the changes they have made.

Saving Prompts

WordPress will now have a popup asking you if you want to save your unsaved changes. If you’re like most people and have an attention span and busy workload that means you can get side-tracked from tasks, this is a welcome new feature meaning you’ll never lose any of your half-finished posts again.

Code Changes

With the release of Tipton, WordPress now includes CodeMirror. This will help prevent any fatal errors occurring on your site.

If you don’t have an in-house developer it is unlikely you will ever try to edit the code on your site, but if you did WordPress would not let you save any code that would produce a fatal error to your site.

Overall this will help make sure your site doesn’t crash, ensuring its up and running it its optimal state and keeping your customers happy. You can sleep easier at night knowing it’s that much harder for things to go wrong with the website.

Security Updates

The new WordPress update has tightened up security in a number of ways. Most noticeably now, if a user tries to change the site admin email address the old email address will receive a notification email informing them of the update and what the new admin email address is. This will help prevent hackers taking control of your site.


If you have any questions about how this new update will effect your website please feel free to contact us.