Design should always be a key focus when building your company website. Designing with the user in mind means people won’t click back once landing on your site.

Think about how many times you’ve clicked back without even reading any of the content on a page just because the design was bad. If your site doesn’t look professional, users won’t trust it or want to interact with it.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should establish a great website for your company:

Larger customer base 

There are over 3.7 billion internet users worldwide and 60 million in the UK alone – that’s 92% of the population! This is a massive number of people and something your business should take advantage of.

The number of users online means your company has a much larger reach. You can introduce your product or service to buyers that may never have come across it otherwise. Your website creates greater opportunities for customers to identify with you and make future purchases.


Having a non existent or badly designed website makes your company look bad. For the vast number of websites out there having an unappealing website, customers will not engage and leave after only a few seconds – this is known as the ‘bounce rate’ which Google uses to mark your website down on search results.

A well designed site means users will perceive you as professional. They will trust you know your industry and may then want to do business with you.

Judgements on website credibility is 75% based on aesthetic, making design the most important element of your website.

First impressions

In the digital age, customers rarely make a purchase without first doing online research. Most customers first port of call would be a search engine.

By not making it into the results or worse, ranking with a badly designed website, you won’t have a chance of winning their business.

Sharing content

To add regular content and speak to your customers directly allows to your build a relationship and trust. You can create influence with them and share with them the expertise you have. Providing extra, helpful information on top of the product or service will lead to greater customer retention.

24/7 accessibility

Customers will be able to visit your site any time they like to make a purchase or find out information on your products or services. Your business will no longer be bogged down with the 9 – 5 hours of operation.


A beautiful web design can help your company to appear larger and more noteworthy, in turn generating more customers and leading to company growth.

Customer service

Having an FAQ or enquiry form you can greatly reduce the hours you spend answering customer queries and can often provide a faster and more in-depth response for your customers.

Company e-mails

Having a website is the easiest way to obtain a professional email. Having an email like [email protected] resonates with customers more than your personal [email protected] as it has a more legitimate feel to it.


The above benefits only come from having a great website, something shoddy and badly designed will do more harm than good. When creating or updating your businesses website you need a designer that understands your company and will ensure you get outstanding quality – which is exactly what we deliver at DeType. Get in touch today to discuss your businesses website needs.