Originally launched in 2003, WordPress has probably become the most comprehensive and popular system of its kind. It is a favourite among many businesses, so why exactly should you be using it?

What is WordPress?

People often mistake WordPress as just an online blogging platform when in fact WordPress is an online website creation tool – it is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create all kinds of fully functioning websites (not just blogs!).

Who uses WordPress?

If your organisation is using WordPress you’re in good company, WordPress’s open source software is installed and operated by millions of people worldwide. A recent survey showed that WordPress powers 27% of all sites on the internet, many of them famous brands and organisations you might have heard of, such as:

• Sony Music

• National Geographic


• Beyonce

• Vogue India

• Mercedes-Benz

• The Walking Dead – AMC

Why should you use WordPress?

It’s open source

Supported and developed by thousands of developers to constantly push the boundaries of what is capable, and is regularly updated.


WordPress is versatile and can meet any requirement you have with its extensive range of features. 

Saves Money

There is an extensive range of themes available for WordPress and by utilising a framework, work focuses on extending and customising instead of laying a foundation. This potentially saves hours of development and thousands of pounds.

It’s proven itself

WordPress is enormously popular, roughly 75 Million sites use WordPress, with 17 new posts published every second! Surely all those people can’t be wrong.


WordPress is developed with security in mind, the huge community of open-source developers are very diligent and patch the code as soon as any vulnerabilities are found. With WordPress you know your site will be safe.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

It’s completely search engine friendly, taking care of an estimated 80% of SEO, helping you to out-rank your competition and gain more organic traffic to your site.

It is even endorsed by Google very own Matt Cutts (Head of web spam).

Mobile friendly

Technology is ever-changing and now more than ever it is important to have a mobile friendly site, especially with mobile web traffic overtaking desktop for the first time in November 2016.

User friendly

You don’t need any technical knowledge to learn how to use it. 

WordPress is the probably best platform for your business to use and you can be certain that it is only going to get better as time goes on. To learn more about how WordPress could can benefit your business get in touch today.