As part of our ongoing tree planting initiative the the National Forest, DeType director Sam Sayer traveled up to Leicestershire on Saturday 25th February 2023 to plant some of the trees we’ve been sponsoring. Since 2020, we’ve been planting a tree for every web project undertaken, giving our clients the opportunity to choose from six species of tree, and even give each one a name!

Area spanned by the National Forest, from Staffordshire to Derbyshire.

The National Forest is located in the very centre of the United Kingdom and spans an area that is around 200 square miles in size. It is intended to connect the two historic forests of Charnwood and Needwood and stretches through portions of the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Staffordshire. The area formerly used for coal mining and heavy industry is now characterised by undulating farms, old woods, and newly planted woodlands.

We’ve worked hard and been proud to be a paperless office for many years, but felt just that was not enough. Some of the DeType team are keen walkers, and being able to enjoy local woodland areas is very important to us, so launching our tree planting initiative felt the perfect opportunity to make a greater contribution to our ecosystem.

First dig in action, certainly helped to keep warm! First in was a Hazel tree.

Despite the cold February temperatures, warm spirits were proudly on show, with the intrepid National Forest team guiding us through the history of the area and showing the last few years’ efforts. Lovely to see whole families coming along to contribute!

Planting the ‘special guest’ species – a hardwood Hornbeam

Looking back across the area, with Martinshaw Wood in the distance, and a plantation from 7 years previous in the adjacent area.