DeType Ltd – SLA Policy

Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions and Quotation, additional copies of which are available on request.

Where we have agreed to provide you with support and maintenance Services, this will be subject to the following conditions and service levels. Please note these SLAs ONLY apply if you are signed up to our maintenance plan.

You may raise a support request at any time by contacting us via this portal.

We will provide an automatic acknowledgement to any support request we have received within one hour.  If you have not received an acknowledgement within this timeframe, we recommend you resubmit your request.

We will endeavour to meet the following service levels, based on the severity of the issue, examples of which are listed below:


Severity Example Response Time
Critical A website-wide failure or the halting all or part of the website’s main function, or any bug or error caused by us 1 hour
High Significant disruption to website operation 2 hours
Medium Minor accessibility issues but no significant impact on website operation 4 hours
Low Having no effect on functionality, such as resetting forgotten passwords 3 days

We will determine the severity, and therefore the response time, at our sole discretion.   

We cannot guarantee the issue will be resolved within the response times listed but we will begin our investigations and our attempts to resolve the issue within these timeframes.

In all cases “hours” or “days” means the hours or days during which support is available (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays in England). Any support required outside of these times will be subject to our availability and will be chargeable.

The response times referred to in this Service Level Agreement do not apply to delays caused by you or any third party, or incidents arising due to events beyond our control (including, but not limited to, issues with third party plugins, software or systems). The response times also do not apply to requests for changes to the services being provided such as the request for additional functionality, which will be chargeable.

Where we have not developed your website but have taken over its support and maintenance, we will not be responsible for bug fixes. We cannot guarantee any such fixes will be possible and we will charge for any time spent where we agree to attempt to do so.