Video is considered one of the most effective ways of content marketing. If you are not creating videos for your website or social media you should start – get ahead before your competition does.

You can’t go online without seeing a video these days. They are constantly being shared between friends, family, and co-workers. They have rocketed in viewership over the past few years and show no signs of slowing down.

How can your business benefit from having a video on your website or social media?

Keeping your audiences attention 

Online, everything is constantly fighting for your attention. With video, you get to cover a large amount of information in 2 or 3 seconds. This means your message is conveyed without your audience losing interest.

Building Credibility

Videos have a greater perceived value than text and will give your audience faith in your brand and products.

Great ROI

Video ad spending makes up a third of total online spending. Video costs continue to go down and the amount you spend will pay off big time.

Boost conversions

People are more inclined to buy a product if they hear about it first from someone they know. Videos are a great way to do this as they are some of the most shared content online.

Build your audience

Videos are the most shared content on the web allowing you to not just reach your current audience but all of their connections as well. 


Google loves videos! They increase the time spent by visitors on your site. These longer page interactions builds trust and shows search engines you provide great content and should be at the top of their results.

Figures even show you are 53 times more likely to show up at the top of Google search results if you have a video embedded onto your website.

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What are the advantages of your business using video?

You are able to use verbal, visual and non-verbal communication allowing you to convey a clear and more precise message than with simple text or graphics.

On Facebook image based ads are restricted to only using 20% of the space for text, with video there are no restrictions – you can add as much text as you would like.

People are more incline to watch a short video that to read a body of text, meaning you will get more engagement from your audience. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, well according to Forrester Research a video is worth 1.8 million.

Greater appeal to mobile users – videos are watched more by mobile viewers than any other audience, showing video gives you access to a wider audience.

Videos receive a higher engagement that any other form of media. They provide a way to entertain as well as inform.

They perform brilliantly on social media – Facebook is a great way to engage with your audience and they make it easy for you to upload and share videos.

Where should you be using video?

The most obvious place to be using video is on your website. This can be done in numerous ways, on your home page, landing page, blog post, anything you can think of really. Using video on a landing page has been proven to increase conversation rates and visitor retention and is one of the most effective ways to utilise video on your website.

Blog posts are another great place to share video content, blog posts with videos attract up to 3 times the amount of inbound links compared to a blog post without videos.

Social Media is the next place you should be posting your videos. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gets your company’s message across in a trustworthy and authentic way. Facebook favours video content on their feed above all other types of content – this means your video post is much more likely to reach your audience than your competitors text or image post.

Another excellent place to distribute your videos is to your email subscribers. Using a video in an email as been shown to increase CTR (click-through-rate) by over 96% on the first introductory email. This is a massive rise and shows just how effective video can be.

Stats on Video Interactions

The most recent statistics on video marketing show just how well it is doing.

  • 75% of online users have interacted with a video ad in the last month.
  • 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision making process.
  • 80% of users can recall at least one video ad they have viewed in the last month.
  • 33% of all online activity is related to watching videos.
  • 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others.
  • Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase internet by 97% and brand association by 139%.
  • 70% of the top 100 search listings on google are video related.

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