At Alchemy Virtual Assistance, we’re BIG ‘batchers’.

Batching is a wonderful working style that we find to be a powerful boost to both productivity and mood!

We all know a clear, calm and stable mental state is fundamental to running a successful business! So, here’s how we use batching to ensure we’re working in a comfortable yet efficient, productive state!

Suzy Sanders

Founded in 2016, Alchemy Virtual Assistance provides business owners, entrepreneurs and freelance professionals with expert admin, practical marketing and flexible PA support. Suzy is a wife, mother, coffee enthusiast, dreamer, nature lover and foodie…

What is ‘batching’?

It isn’t the same as multi-tasking, in fact think of it as the complete opposite. Batching allows your brain to completely focus on one thing at a time.

Think about it, it takes energy and effort for your brain to switch focus from task to task. In adopting batching as a working style you’re giving optimal brain power to your business.

It’s all about finding your flow and getting into a peaceful, yet productive zone!

How to do it

  • Take a look at your to-do list or write one, if you haven’t already got one
  • Take some time to group (or batch) your tasks logically by their function – emails, project work, creative elements, accounting jobs, business development etc.
  • Then split out your day into sections and slot the tasks into your schedule – keeping in mind your personal working flow and style.

Here is an example, to get you thinking…


As you can see, I have ‘batched’ my personal appointments together. I’ve booked them on a day I know tends to be quieter for my business and running personal errands mid-week gives me peace of mind that I have a couple of days either side if anything urgent drops in unexpectedly.

I’m a morning person so I always schedule and batch jobs that require the most brain power first thing in the morning when I know I’m at my best.

All this preparation work (2 hours a month maybe) means I’m relaxed about my workflow and feel completely in control of my schedule, life and business.

A few more helpful tips

Be realistic with yourself. You can be the most organised person in the world but, life still happens!

Please remember:


  • It’s YOUR schedule – so you’re always in control
  • It’s sensible to build in a ‘wiggle buffer’ (an Alchemy Virtual Assistant term for life emergencies or unexpected things)
  • Make it your own – apply colour codes, labels, use highlighters or stickers – whatever helps you make batching enjoyable

Time is our most precious resource and we all have the same number for hours in our days. It’s what you do with those hours that counts.

If you’d like to chat more about batching, any other time management/productivity techniques or about how a professional virtual assistant can support you, you can find out more on our website: