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Having joined forces with Technology Blueprint Ltd (TBL) last year, we carried out a brand audit to assess where the brand was and where it was going. As so often happens, the initial vision can remain the same but the path changes and expands rapidly, and we decided it was a good time to look at reinvigorating the brand.

We established the three main brand pillars of TBL – knowledge, service and technology. They are at the heart of the business and it was essential that they were represented in the branding. After discussions with the directors and stakeholders we defined the many sands that made up the business – how they saw themselves and how they wanted to be perceived:

TBL Branding, rebrand, brand positioning

From this we started to build a picture of the brand – a perpetual, living, growing entity – constantly moving, developing smart software and technology. The phrases that often came up where ‘think tank’, ‘cognitive approach’ – a forward thinking consultancy that was as much about strategy of approach as it was developing new technology. Present TBL with a problem, and they will find a solution.

Working through initial concepts, we wanted to incorporate ‘thinking’ into motion; and the concept of impossible shapes. Drawing influence from a penrose triangle and ‘infinity loop’ we arrived at the finished concept – constantly evolving, taking on new challenges.

TBL Rebrand, branding


The three strands represent the core approach of knowledge, service and technology  – each revolving around the core of the icon

Stylised characters allude to simplicity and connectivity

Reflects the symbiosis of TBL, their sister company TBS and main product Propco – a living, growing structure

Logo sits on a Venn diagram – three overlapping strands of business, merging to form TBL at the core


TBL Brand ident animation

We developed the rest of the creative platform to support the logo – stylised icons for the core values, brand graphics and looked at the brand language. This flowed through to the core collateral – letterhead, business cards and brochure design.

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October 19, 2015